Tangkahan National Park in North Sumatera Province

Draw bridge in Tangkahan.
Draw bridge in Tangkahan.
Water Fall in Tangkahan.
Water Fall in Tangkahan.

Tangkahan is an area in Mount Leuser National Park, Langkat regency, North Sumatra. Flanked by Namo Sialang Village and Sei Serdang, Tangkahan offers spectacular scenery and fresh air cooling.
The combination of tropical rain forest vegetation and hilly topography, making Tangkahan as an ideal place for sightseeing. Batang Serangan and Buluh rivers that cut through the forest is a type of tropical forests typical of the river, equipped with a wide variety of plants of different colors and patterned cliffs along the river. River water is very clear and shades of green create panoramas and natural and mystical atmosphere. Tangkahan be the right choice to wash the mind of a saturated atmosphere that you live and work away from the hustle-bustle of polluted city is always time-consuming.
For ecotourism to the area, we had to cross the river. Batang river current is quite swift attack, so it must use the raft. And, this is where your adventure begins!
Many tourist activities that can be enjoyed in Tangkahan, either adventure or just swimming and trekking in the rainforest.
In Tangkahan, we can also see the orang-utan, then riding and bathing the elephants, through the forest, to see the corpse flower that only blooms once a year for about a week.

What is there to be done in Tangkahan?

Tangkahan National Park 2.
Tangkahan National Park 2.
Riding Elephant in Tangkahan.
Riding Elephant in Tangkahan.

1. Trekking

There are elephats commonly used for trekking. Trekking here means is you will be invited into the woods with riding an elephant. Uniquely, you ride elephants are trained elephants are also used for patrol or protect the park from illegal activities such as poaching, encroachment, illegal logging and of course.

Uniquely, the path used for any trekking paths are commonly used for patrols. So, while traveling and riding an elephant, you could well imagine what it’s like to patrol the forest. Fun, is not it?

Oh, yes, these elephants are often used to attack the home farm and rural communities, because their habitat is displaced. However, this time the elephant not only help the villagers, but also help to secure forest.

Right across from the Inn Jungle Lodge, on the banks of the Buluh river, there is a cave in which hot water flows. Cave is big enough so that you can lie down and soak in the body’s natural flow of hot water.

2. Water Fall
Near the confluence of the Buluh river and Batang Serangan river contained a small waterfall. You have to walk to the river basin about 100 meters to reach this waterfall. Sit under the waterfall is very pleasant, seemed to get a natural massage!

Larger waterfalls also exist in Tangkahan, but you have to walk down the first reed and even got to swim in the river at certain parts.

3. Bat Cave
Tangkahan bat cave in there, yes so named because caves are home to thousands of bats. But do not worry, this cave is very safe to enter, as long as you do not make a noise in it. Goa is going through to the opposite door, and … so out in the mouth of the cave the other, you can go back to the lodge in a new way.

4. Tubing
Do not tell me you’ve to Tangkahan, if not this one activity. Tubing is almost the same as rafting, rafting when the difference if we use a rubber boat, not so with the tubing. We would sit on top of the truck tires are very large and have been pumped, and then run off with the flow of the river up to a certain point while enjoying the scenery on the banks of the river.