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Bawean Island

Bawean is an island located in the Java Sea, about 80 miles or 120 kilometers north Gresik. Administratively since 1974, the island was included in the district of Gresik, East Java Province, where formerly since colonial rule Bawean island included in the district of Surabaya. Dutch (VOC) go first to this island in 1743.3
Bawean word derived from Sanskrit, meaning no sunlight. According to legend, around 1350, a group of sailors from the Majapahit Empire caught in a storm in the Java Sea and ended up stranded on the island of Bawean at sunrise. In the book Negarakertagama mention that the island is named Buwun while in a note Serat Praniti Wakya Term Jaya Baya population Bawean began in 8 Saka where previously the island is uninhabited, the Government Colony of the Netherlands and Europe in the 18th century named the island as Lubeck, Baviaan, Bovian, Lobok, Early 16th century precisely in the year 1501 Islam entered Bawean brought by Maulana Sayyid Ahmed Sidik or known by the name of Maulana Umar Mas’ud or Perigi Prince as well as running of governance in the next Bawean Island led Bawean by the descendants of Umar Masud as Purbonegoro, Cokrokusumo and so on until the last Raden Ahmad Pashai.
Bawean often referred to as the Island Princess for a lot of young men who migrated to Java or abroad. Bawean people who migrated to Malaysia and Singapore formed settlements there. In the neighboring country Bawean society known as the Boyan. Many immigrants also have become successful and famous people in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
In the legend of the island’s daughter, Bawean island a haven from the royal family will Campa to Java, they anchored due to the king’s daughter ill, and supposedly died in Bawean, for menhormati the princess of the island called the Island Princess. Until now his grave is still there precisely located in the village known as the tomb Kumalasa Jujuk Campa.
In Bawean deer species that are only found (endemic) in Bawean, namely Axis kuhli. Additionally in Bawean also planted mangosteen, bark, red fruit, and durian for local consumption. Dozens of species of marine fish is also on the coast of the island.
Language Bawean considered as creolization Madurese language, because the words are essentially derived from these languages, but mixed in with words of Malay and English as well as the Java language because many people Bawean work or migrate to Malaysia and Singapore, language Bawean has a variety of dialects language usually every district or village has its own dialect as Bawean Languages dialects leaves, Kumalasa dialect, and Pudakit Diponggo dialect. This language is spoken in Bawean Island, Gresik, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Activity in Bawean island is swimming, sunbathing on the beach, fishing, hikking, waterfalls Laccar, visit Kastoba lake, boating to the Gaang peninsula and visit to Captive Bawean Deer.

Places of Interestings:

Gili Island
Noko Island
Noko Selayar Island
Gaang peninsula
Ria beach
Mayangkara beach
Grave Long beach
Lake Kastoba
Laccar Waterfall
Captive Bawean Deer



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