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Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

Baluran region is a national park located District of Banyu Putih, Situbondo, and bordering Banyuwangi, East Java. The northern region bordering the Madura Strait, east of the Strait of Bali. As for the south by the River Bajulmati, and west Baluran bordering the River Kelokoran, while in the middle of this area there Baluran which is no longer active.
Glaze has the air temperature 27-34 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 900-1600 mm / year, altitude 0-1247 meters above sea level, and geographic location 7 ° 29′-7 ° 55 ‘S, 114 ° 17′-114 ° 28’ E . Baluran name is taken from the mountain located in the mountain region baluran.
Prior to 1928, AH. Loedeboer, a hunter Dutch nationality who have the concession area in Labuan Peacock and Mount Masigit, had stopped at Baluran. Loedeboer pay attention to Baluran and believes that it has a significant value for the protection of animals, especially large mammals.
Baluran National Park in the middle there is Savanna Bekol, form a very broad meadow brownish yellow. The largest savanna in Java, many dubbed the African savanna in Indonesia. Not far from the savanna are viewing tower as high as 64 meters.
On the outer side there is a beach Bama, Road and room, which is located in the surrounding national park, can be an alternative fishing and snorkeling.
In Bama beach is a great place to see the sunrise, in addition to a collection of mangrove and other protected areas are pristine. In addition to long-tailed monkeys freely up and down the trees around the beach, can be found also other animals such as lizards and wild pigs, and birds can be found occasionally king prawns (halcyon chloris) in the branches around the beach and various species of migratory birds.
Mongabay observation in mid-August 2014 or enter the dry season, only seen two wild buffaloes wallowing and foraging in the savanna. In addition, dozens of East and some tail deer Green Peacock looked sheepish look for eating and drinking around the savanna Baluran. The mascot Baluran, Bull Java until late afternoon not show his face or voice Groans.

Baluran National Park in East Java.
Baluran National Park in East Java.

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