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Lizard Island

For travelers who live in Jakarta could be looking for a holiday to the island of Lizard, located in Indramayu. Lizard Island is one of the islands in the Java Sea, exactly 40 kilometers north of Indramayu, West Java. With 4 hours mileage will reach the island from the port Karangsong in Indramayu. Arriving there Travelers will be greeted with a stretch of mangrove trees inhabited by many types of lizards that live on the island. As the name implies, this is a habitat island lizard (Varanus salvator). It is said that the reptile had been there since the island is visited by humans in more than a century ago. No calculations provide exact data on the number of the beast. However, the number is expected to reach hundreds. They live in marshes and mangrove bushes whose presence dominates the mainland.
Lizards are not benign. However, “they do not attack if we are not alone, however, is not only a wealth of fauna lizard Island neighborhood. Many birds that cross the sky island, among other sea Heron (Ardea sumatrana), Sandpipers beach (Bubulcus ibis), and bird blue shrimp (Alcedo Caerulenscens). In addition, on the island there is a lighthouse which was built by Governor Willem, where he was one of the Dutch governors who ruled in Indonesia. The lighthouse was built in 1872 and there are also several tombs of the Netherlands. The lighthouse is as old as the existing lighthouse on the coast of Anyer, Banten. It is said that here too there is the tomb of the Dutch people who lived during the reign of Governor Willem time. At that time many Dutch people who live in Indramayu age spend time on this island. In addition, there is the tomb of Sheikh Sharif Hasan, he was one of the propagator of Islam in Cirebon. He came to the island to isolate themselves from the pursuit of Dutch soldiers until the end.
After unwind at the lodge, tourists can swim or snorkel activities for several hours. Clear sea is also a haven for hundreds of marine species with beautiful shapes and colors. The condition of coral reefs at a depth of three meters is still pretty good. Based on the data in the Fisheries and Marine Indramayu district, there are 95 species of fish representing 30 families, including zebrafish (Dendrichirus zebra), Butterfly (Chaetodon chrysurus), and Merakan (Pterois valiteus). With diving, beautiful fish that can be seen from a depth of approximately one meter.
When dusk do not forget to capture the sunset. The sunsets here are very beautiful and none in other areas because when immersed and sunk in a stretch of sea swallow by extensive Java. The sunset has passed protected by the darkness of night, the tourists returned to the inn to get cleaned up and have dinner.
Morning when wake up, do not forget to perpetuate sunrise and appears in the middle of the ocean are beautiful with a charming expanse of blue sea. After breakfast to spend time, can use with fishing. Here you will surely be entertained with the results inducement appetizing lunch with the way in fuel.
After lunch the tourists getting ready to go to the mainland Indramayu to continue the next destination.

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