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Baron and Jack Crocodile Attraction Nearby Jakarta

Tourists from Japan are being touched muzzle the mouth of a crocodile.
Tourists from Japan are being touched muzzle the mouth of a crocodile.
Crocodile guard was calling so close to the mainland.
Crocodile guard was calling so close to the mainland.
The guard touched the crocodile snout so much closer to the mainland.
The guard touched the crocodile snout so much closer to the mainland.
Muzzle crocodile has been touched by anyone for visitors.
Muzzle crocodile has been touched by anyone for visitors.

Tourist park crocodile has been established since 1988. Currently there are at least 430 crocodiles of various sizes are maintained at the tourist park. With the number of crocodiles that much, Crocodile breeding in Blanakan employees only have 7 people. This park has dozens of years has become a tourist attraction worth visiting.
Park breeding of crocodiles in the District Blanakan Subang, being the only breeding site in Subang Regency, West Java even. Begin the process of laying eggs, hatching to adult crocodile breeding done at this location.
A crocodile handler said he was decades into crocodile-keeping force, as well as the handler Blanakan crocodile in captivity. Almost daily he spent at the site to deal with crocodiles, began the process of laying up to the largest size. I have been living and become an employee here. For a typical day visitors who come to Park Holidays Crocodile Blanakan not so much, just hover around 15 people. But if a holiday, the number of visitors into tens, even hundreds of people. Types of crocodile in the garden tour manifold Blanakan all estuarine crocodile, which is only used to live in brackish water. For preservation at the site provided approximately 22 ponds. In one day, here given crocodiles eat fish 3 times. If totaled 1.5 fish can quintals spend in a day. Currently, he said, theme parks desperately need power Blanakan Crocodile veterinarian for health care crocodile. The lack of a veterinarian, he and other colleagues are often confused because it did not understand animal health.
While poor road infrastructure is often the bottleneck of the visitors come to visit. Especially if it rains, the visitors so hard to come to this place.

Subang region is rich in tourism potential. Mountains in the south Subang has long been a magnet for tourists to visit the Subang. Similarly, on the north coast beaches in addition to tourist and culinary sea fish, on the north coast of Subang are also an attractive tourist destination, the captive crocodile in Blanakan.
The main attractions in ecotourism are two tail Blanakan giant male crocodile named Baron and Jack. Both of these crocodiles have been aged about 33 years, which is a first generation bred crocodiles there. Baron measuring about 5.5 meters, while Jack has a length of more than 6 feet tall and weighing almost 700 kg of both, Do feed the two giants is the most awaited visitors. Travelers can buy ducks at the tourist site to the next as bait, so Baron and Jack come out of hiding. Two crocodile was placed in a large enough pool with crocodiles 5 females. In the pool Baron and Jack had each of the territories. But both are rarely rise to the mainland. Its weight is already too large has hampered their movements.
On the right side of the pool is set up where the female crocodiles lay their eggs in the form of hay humps. Crocodiles were placed in this pool are the main breeders that produce almost all puppies in Blanakan ecotourism.

“Jack … Jack … Jack …,” shouted crocodile handler calls while banging bamboo sticks to the edge of the pool. Soon large crocodile grabbed a bamboo stick used crocodile handler suddenly and make everything on the edge of the pool was surprised because the movement. that this name is Jack, he is the most aggressive here, “said the crocodile handler bit surprised.

“If the Baron is quite tame, visitors can touch,” crocodile handler added.
Sarmin is one of the most senior crocodile handler in Blanakan ecotourism. He has about 26 years of working there, so already knew the true character both the giant crocodile.

“Baron … Baron … Come out, pass over here the way …,” cried the Baron Sarmin while guiding it through the shallow areas.
After a long time was called the Baron would eventually rise to the surface. Sarmin then rubbed the tip of the snout Baron’s mouth as a sign of his affection for the crocodile. This is one of the attractions that draw visitors, they can also take pictures while touching the muzzle Baron.

“If you want to touch the Baron have to be careful and quiet. There should be no sudden movements, “said Sarmin while guiding a visitor who wants to try to touch the muzzle Baron.



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