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Village Tour

Village Tour
Many travelers how to spend leisure time as saturated with the atmosphere of a big city that is visited historic places or just drive around in the city, if you happened to be in Jakarta and want to fill up his vacation for a few days which is close to the city, here I offer a hometown tour Salak mountain in the area, just south of the city of Jakarta. There you can spend for a few nights while enjoying the natural scenery surrounding unspoiled and you can interact with the surrounding residents are still innocent and naive without suspicion welcome your arrival. You can spend a couple of nights and sleep in the houses because there was no lodging. During the village tour, I’ll take you to the waterfall and down a paddy field and direct way how planting harvesting rice. One more thing before heading off to tour the village should buy enough supplies in the city because there are no restaurants or food stalls what you want.
Natural beauty of the countryside and the local community to interact will remind you that the world will not feel peace and will make your mind will become more relaxed, here you will learn that the values ​​are very meaningful life.



My name is Andi Susyandi and I am a tourist guide in Jakarta, Indonesia was born in Subang West Java. Graduated at Senior High School in Yogyakarta. Please contact me ( cell phone: +6281315138342 ) if you wanna holidays to Indonesia.

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