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Dayak Hindu Budha Bumi Segandu Tribe

Bumi Segandu TribeDayak villages spread evenly in Borneo. But who would have thought, in a small village there is also a Dayak village Segandu. What is the difference between them with ethnic Dayaks in Borneo, let’s find out!

When visiting the village culture into a memorable trip. Segandu settlement is not indigenous Dayak Borneo, but a village located in the area Losarang, Indramayu.

They are a group of people who have the teachings and lifestyles different from the rate in Indonesia in general. It is not even set in life by the government. Dayak Segandu own means of personal sift. They do not relate to the Dayaks of Borneo.

Doctrine and the tribe itself began to take shape in 1970. Ta’mad, the founder find the saturation point will the government rules. Given the circumstances surrounding that does not change, Ta’mad start self introspection and realize that these are the best ways for humans.

In addition, their philosophy of life is natural. How the best way to get closer to nature. They believe that the heart of life is natural.

Thus, the natural values must be respected and upheld. Such as respect for women and children. Even the men are willing to make a living at the same time taking care of household chores like cooking.

For them, women have a high dignity of the women born since new individuals. It can not be done by anyone, anywhere man.

So even with innocent children and considered always true. Therefore, the Dayak men Segandu sticking to serve women, especially mothers, wives and their children.

In addition, all aspects of their lives by nature. As the use of black and white as a marker of the day and night. They do not use tops especially the men. They also do not eat meat to honor fellow beings who animate.

They usually perform the ritual called kumkum rendemen or which serve to exercise patience. Kumkum is done for 4 months of the year. Kumkum procession begins with hymns at night around 23:00 pm. After the hymn, they went to a small river near their village. Then submerge themselves until tomorrow morning.

They stick with not wearing tops. During the 8 hours they have to withstand the cold and also small fish bite nosy in the small river. Yes, indeed exercise patience. Not everyone can do in an instant.

Need exercise slowly to get used to the water temperature and the night air. After soaking overnight, the ritual has not stopped there. They continued with mepe or sunbathing.

They bask until they dry pants. It functions mepe to dry off at once closer to nature and the land. The results of this ritual, they feel a new person.

Then back enough to make a living for 8 months to live with his wife and child. If there is more sustenance, usually given to the needy. 4 months of rest is used to perform the ritual.

They are a tribe without identity cards. Not that they were opposed to the country of Indonesia. Despite their different religions understand and remain part of Indonesia.

For those identity card is simply a card that is troublesome. Their primary identity are themselves visible and take them wherever they go. Although time had difficulty because they have no ID cards when traveling or taking care of other important papers.

Their social life is very good. Evidently, when I was in this tiny village, there is no term crowding just because one tribe. They mingle and work together while in the field. Buying cigarettes in the same stall with other people. Admonish one another.

They are also very open with the arrival of foreigners like me who constantly ask about their lives. There is no suspicion or offense, they instead be happy to answer all my questions.

Until I realized that my mind has been constructed with the same concept of society. Have the same ethnicity, identity, religion and others. They also taught me the meaning of the differences and how to respect others through a simple smile.



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