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Karang Nini

indexThis attraction is located in the village of Emplak, District Kalipucang. Along the road from the gate to the location, you’ll enjoy the coolness of the teak forest with the wild rhythm. Not only that, in some parts of the road will be served with a panoramic view of the beach in the distance background Sagara Anakan. It’s an unforgettable view when you come when the weather is sunny. Before reaching the beach you will find Pondok Wisata Perhutani Pangandaran district.
On the beach lay the rocks, one of which resembles a grandmother (nini in Sundanese) which are awaiting the old man, so this place called Beach Karang nini.

Karang nini is natural attractions which is a mix of forest and beach. Expanse of teak forest and dense jungle linked with the open sea, the waves and the endless blue sky in the sky that form a horizon line in the distance, a natural charm that holds mystery and majesty of God’s greatness.

Of emission sun on the eastern horizon, looming island of Nusa Kambangan and Pananjung bay in the south, as well as the bend of the Dutch railway that disappeared at the end of the tunnel.

Legend or story Karang Nini Rock in Pangandaran
Once in the village of Tanjung Karang are a young couple who were hit by the romance. They promised to live as lively as dead in the household later though any heavy obstacles they face, thick and will be undertaken along the ravaged romance. They promised to live as lively as dead in the household later though any heavy obstacles they face, hard and happy to be lived with.
In short they both are married but unfortunately until they are older are not blessed with any children. Ki Angga Piara lives with his wife Ambu Kolot faithful, that their old name.
Ki Anga Piara livelihood as fisherman, his passion was fishing in the Sea. One day as usual early in the morning already preparing to go fishing. Ambu Kolot trying to hold her husband’s departure when it drove up on the beach to see the weather is less good, but still insisted Ki Angga Piara go given food supplies running low at home.
The grandmother several times concerns conveyed to her husband but eventually even with a heavy heart, to be willing to let him go. Time goes by worsening weather, dark clouds blanketing oceans, wind had become stronger, lightning, and the rain was falling.
The grandmother feeling increasingly anxious, agitated and confused but she can not do anything about the safety of her husband that she was just thinking. Ki Angga Piara while now in the middle of the Ocean was regretting attitude not even there his wife’s advice. Were thrown off the boat until the storm destroyed her bouncing attacked and sank engulfed so large waves and swirling.
Ambu Kolot feeling who wanted to know the fate of her husband was unbearable, immediately go to the beach and running to and fro while calling her husband.
Knowing such circumstances people around right down to help find Ki Angga Piara along the coast, but did not stop until the storm was also found. Ambu Kolot feeling disappointed kept calling him until late at night. After the incident Ambu Kolot suffer because people who have been protecting it is now no longer by his side.
Every day The grandmother always sat alone on the Rock awaits the return of her husband. This incident until a protracted, until one day Ambu Kolot begged the Almighty in order to know the fate of her husband, if alive and which are dead when his body is shown please. The Almighty to grant his request, not long after the ocean waves suddenly stopped water comes the sea became calm and Ki bodies floating on the water Angga Piara right in front of where Si grandmother sat.
Seeing the incident Ambu Kolot feeling then getting crushed by feelings of hopelessness Ambu Kolot asked to return to the Almighty in connection with the promise they would both die as lively as it is in any case it wants to remain immortal. Then the bodies were floating Ki Angga Piara had been transformed into a rock and so did the Ambu Kolot rock was sitting on his form turns into the Rock too.
After a long time the neighbors had not seen Ambu Kolot, they are looking to the beach and visit the coral reefs which are often seen Si Grandma sitting there.
How surprised they were when saw the grandmother has been turned to stone and since then the population around the rock named “Nini Stones” whereas the front of the stone called “floating stones”. That story is hereditary so Karang nini have long known, then any Tourism Object is named “Stone Karang nini”.

What are the main attraction Karang Nini Beach in Pangandaran?
Karang Nini Beach in Pangandaran has an appeal that is a very beautiful natural charm, when we arrived at the beach location on the state of the afternoon we can enjoy the view of sunset by the beach sinking through rock walls are tropical forest on the edge of the beach.

When we arrive in the afternoon at 17:00 pm, immediately take a position or a hill plateau area around the edge of the beach. You’ll find a great view of the air during a sunny west direction Nini’s Coral Coast.

When the time is too late and long enough, come down to the edge of the beach, where we can play on the edge of the sand sea shore beautiful. This beach has a lot of rocks can be used as photo shooting spot objects. One of them you can take still images on a large rock that has a legend about Karang Nini Beach.

When you bring tripod, you can capture still images of yourself, like what you can see below. Timer to activate the camera we can, then we can simply take the pose that we love.



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