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Welcome To Jakarta travel / 歓迎 / добро пожаловать

Me and France tourist.
Me and France tourist.

Welcome to Jakarta Travel.

Me and Germany tourist.
Me and Germany tourist.

I, Andy Susyandi with license number 327.12.UPJ.PMU-1.838.6 is one of the tour guides in Indonesia located in Jakarta, with an experienced guide throughout Indonesia for individuals or groups to tourist attractions, hiking or guide for business affairs of others. Apart from that I also can guide to find items such as souvenirs or other garment, textile. I can also guide the tourists with a motorcycle to the need for travel in Jakarta or elsewhere in Indonesia. Therefore, if you like to come to Indonesia and need me please call me +6281315138342 and I also accept requests the Tour Packages according to what you want.



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Cileat Waterfall

Cileat waterfall is one of the highest waterfall in Subang that district, even in the province of West Java. High waterfall Cileat more than 130 meters located at the foot of the mountain Canggah. At the time of the long holiday visitors opened the tent around the waterfall Cileat location for an overnight one or two nights. Continue reading “Cileat Waterfall”